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    Award-Winners Exhibiton

    Count all previous award-winning products
    “Top-level Household Appliances” integrating performance, appearance, environmental protection and experience into one
    RED-TOP, achieving perfection with quality

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    Red Top Life Ideas

    Life is like a long journey. Destination is insignificant
    What is important is enjoying every minute in it
    RED-TOP, focusing on your "Red Top Life Ideas"

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    Experts Panel

    Scientific research institutions, industry associations, mainstream media and independent experts
    Jointly build a sumptuous lineup of evaluation panel
    Go through continuous tests, just for building Red-Top honor

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  • itv-studios

    Public Welfare Cause

    Take the trouble of traveling a long distance, just for passing the love
    High mountains and lofty hills cannot separate our concern
    RED-TOP, transferring red positive energy

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    Selection Procedure

    Have a detailed understanding of RED-TOP declaration categories, selection procedure and appraisal standards
    To be convenient for your product declaration

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